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Drizzle being rigid divorce-related explanation, not the wind’

Singer stiffness(Im stiffness) Opened up about the drizzle and divorce.

Last 22 days tuyu project - a rigid appeared in Sugarman(Im stiffness)As this topic was public have an interest in being back stiffness drizzle divorce.


The stiffness is opened up for the rigidity drizzle divorce rumors through their Instagram 23 days.

Stiffness “A few feet back, I should not say they raise the doeeotneyo posts directly” Innovation “This article also raised the fact that prices may laugh, but perhaps mistaken mistakenly be taken out of publishing the stories chest pain for some people again” He said a clarification of the wrong-known part about the drizzle and divorce.


Stiffness “First itguyo who also do not know enough, I'm sorry bunge who name is mentioned” Innovation “Wind and say that only ex post also swooped to cut never thought to say that is also described as both gadangchi” It was called.


Following “We are each other doengeot make a decision at the end of a long period of dialogue and consensus divorce was not legal between any moral wrong for each other there” Said explained about the rumors surrounding his divorce.


Receive attention from the public, appeared on TV after the divorce is good or not, which again reminded the painful past to those who suffered hard times Is it ever too cruel?


I think it is because of the public shares that mature after the divorce rooting for two people to walk a new path with a good eye and an eye.


Meanwhile, Lim stiffness drizzle was raised in October 2011 Oda wedding last seven years established a bond with my brother sister gave birth to a child in 2012. Since September this year, the two men reportedly divorce news.

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