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Song minseo off two unfortunate couples with Guillaume's

Real couple this song minseo Guillaume Patry two couples with a harmful agent appeared as a virtual couple's reportedly under consideration is a bus stop in the broadcast. 송민서 기욤은 아직 방송에서 하차 결정을 한것은 아닌것으로 보이는데요 여러가지 정황상 송민서 기욤패트리 커플의 하차가 공식화 될듯 합니다.


Some media also came off the press already was decided. 님과 함께 관계자에 따르면 기욤패트리는 송민서가 악플로 인해 힘들어 하는 것을 많이 걱정해 하차를 논의 하고 있는것으로 알려졌다.



Guillaume's song minseo couple starred in two with last October's started a virtual marriage..

Guillaume Patry time is “Something which was the worry that remain liable to hurt each other, the fact” He said, “I had a lot of trouble. But let's talk had me take out the appearance of a good man, so with regret because judging a woman named Song will miss minseo”Said that the reason for appearance.



Following is Guillaume “The article said that the virtual marriage gone back and started watching a comment. Since I am based from the days when a lot of comments pro gamer knows how to defend such that”Said “By the way(Song minseo)Because you do not have that experience sore breasts are worried”He confessed.


Songmin stand against malicious comments “Freezing level is unusually ill be all right to say I'd expected,”He said. Eventually Song minseo Guillaume couple seems to be an unfortunate decision will be off due to the malicious comments.

Meanwhile, with the song's minseo starring Guillaume Patry 2 I'd taken the situation in 2 minutes remaining shares in Japan reportedly negotiated for the application to proceed after shooting.

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