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Kim Hyeonjung former girlfriend legal battle

Kim Hyeonjung and former girl friend's son, A is the birth was found to be 99.9% of the paternity test results and Kim Hyeonjung.

Kim Hyeonjung is currently being military status yet to reveal the official position of Kim Hyeonjung 21 days yijaeman attorney law firm lawyer and father of Kim Hyeonjung cheongpa, Mother had attended a press conference.


Kim Hyeonjung and Lee's parents in “In fact, this assumption Sada. Is not it a parent's standpoint, that side should talk to our side we have a pregnant daughter. But everything goes to trial”He said.


Following Kim Hyeonjung's mother “We would not have the responsibility of our kids had a story nunuhi. Nevertheless, until today, it has no story so far. But apples are told to die Hyun Joong is the apple nya, Or geonya family are die apples” She said shed tears.

Also “The child must be present to bless”Innovation “I hope the kids did not relate to any more money. We will make every child happy”Added that.


Kim Hyeonjung in the press conference, parents are the legal representatives of a former girlfriend Kim Hyeonjung Choi Mossi “It is worth noting respond for the press conference” Innovation “Geotinde wished want to apologize directly to Mr. Kim Hyeonjung Kim Hyeonjung's parents have a press conference and reuri tears antakkawotda. Personally, no, Mr. A comes in contact side at Kim Hyeonjung's side after the press conference,”He said.


Kim Hyeonjung is right in this case, as the mother said the family cider.

The former was already a woman friend of Kim Hyeonjung revealed as a result paternity paternity Meanwhile, Kim Hyeonjung and former girlfriend was too big to hurt each other,.


——-170324 Additional input

In February 2017 after 11 days Kim Hyun Joong was a global military service.

Kim Hyun Joong has been involved with the ex-girlfriend's A legal battle since last 2015.

Kim Hyeonjung ex-girlfriend is pregnant, but many times the child said Kim Hyeonjung Kim Hyeonjung has a heritage of violence and forced abortion had claimed damages of 1.6 billion won.

The Kim Hyeonjung is innocent., ransom, Attempted fraud, Choi's counterclaim to the charges of defamation was won in September last year, some.

Since Kim Hyeonjung had appeal for the former girlfriend cleared disposal attempted fraud and libel prosecution again charged Mr. A former girlfriend last month, 19 days.

———170330 Additional input

Criminal trial opens today for attempted fraud and Mr. A former girlfriend of Kim Hyeonjung accused of defamation by publications such as.

30In one 10:50 a.m. Eastern Seoul District Court opened a criminal organized four alone this trial appears to be ex-girlfriend Kim Hyeonjung will participate directly.

Before Kim Hyeonjung attorney filed a compensation lawsuit gather the facts, and these facts that Mr. A had a miscarriage and media violence.

The prosecution has accused the courts in January.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyeonjung side ruled balhimyeo that the August trial victory in A Mr. Litigation judgment the Court asked to dismiss all of Mr. A dont reimburse the 1.6 billion won insist rather to Kim Hyeonjung's A pay 100 million won.

Mr A had to appeal to the appeal in the first instance it past the first date of Appeals arguing held May.


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