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Dodo like gimmina sindonguk Republican running for governor Yongsan formal proposal

Dodo like gimmina “Malran no law is not a presidential candidate”
The Dodo like gimmina Mr. sindonguk Republican governor had met in rice wine all restaurants in Jongno past 19 days, reportedly the news.


Day, rice wine, the rotation like the dodo gimmina, Republican governors sindonguk, Sinjongyeol Secretary-General, Gwoncha hee in Seoul was attended dangwiwonjang with known interest in Lee sindonguk Republican governor suggested the 20 official election Yongsan like to run gimmina Mr. Dodo.

Republican governors sindonguk “Dreams are only dreams of shares. Dodo like this now yigetjiman hard and difficult situation, but oechija proudly along with the people who support towards the world”He'd told and followed sindonguk governor “Moon Jae Jeong Dongyoung former chairman of the representative Tuesday, but the meeting in rice wine makgeolli Doi, so we now we rotate in politics one Jongno Gu This is a parallel to the theory. Dodo like gimmina Mr. anneunya eopji law malran not a presidential candidate”He said Dodo like gimmina reportedly had persuaded Mr..


The governor also sindonguk “Republicans sipgo like the dodo haeseorado the choryeo want to come younghip. Shake the dust Anna, who is no one. New Politics Alliance for Democracy singinam, There is also Senator noyoungmin. Believe in the power of positive”He said.도도맘김미나



The Dodo like gimmina Mr. anatneundeyo not decided on the spot “It is highly haejugo flat for me in the Republican Thank you for your interest. First, it is now to organize around litigation” Said that his will.도도맘김미나

Following “When politics is supposed to be a belief in anger and politics to society, I do not live that far yet, add the study of politics”It said is known postpone a definite answer on the run.

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