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Won Bin Lee Na-young Son of postpartum maternity Gangwon Jeongseon

Won Bin Lee Na-young couple is reportedly the news of the birth of his son.

Won Bin Lee Na-young couple in the state that receives the help of family members in the penthouse of Gangwon Jeongseon focused on postpartum care were captured.



Won Bin Lee Na-young couple staying in the house is indeyo luxury mansion Won Bin is a gift to my parents, For postpartum daughter-in-law's parents Won Bin Lee Na-young is reportedly living in a hanok about 10 meters away.


Everything from marriage to birth 007 Won Bin Lee Na-young couples who like watching operations…


The last 5 Lee Na-young Won Bin couple raised a wedding May 30, secretly from his hometown of Gangwon choice of Won Bin is haetneundeyo also have it posted a fairly rustic wedding topics photographs of public Handkerchiefs after marriage this Lee Na-young son Birth Also everything was conducted in secrecy.


In August, Lee Na-young pregnant neundeyo news is passed on at the time, speeding the time ahniramyeo Lee Na-young pregnant after marriage, did not disclose.


Meanwhile, Won Bin Lee Na-young son, maternity-related additional information is expected to be released Jan. published in the sense of woman December 22.

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