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Lee Youngdon hwangjeong devotees who are recognized Lee Youngdon?

The actor reportedly devotees of the fact hwangjeong and professional golfers Lee Youngdon.

The agency has the 8th hwangjeong “It started right hwangjeong a good person and love to the recent introduction of acquaintances” It said the official admitted the devotees hwangjeong.


Hwangjeong Lee Youngdon devotees are geotinde the field to a date with the first public would put hwangjeong and Lee Youngdon over the entire media since the announcement of the agency that captured the first reported by "The fact that 'the hwangjeong Lee Youngdon devotees are hwangjeong Lee Youngdon is jungyirago devotees four months revealed.


Hwangjeong Lee Youngdon is I have a figure right of Lee Youngdon's birthday and the meal together in Seoul, all restaurants walking along a street immersed watching two people will see a pod hands and affectionately walking the streets look and Lee Youngdon appearance of bright uteun hwangjeong through pictures It was released.


황정음은 2006년 부터 SG워너비 김용준 과 교재를 해왔는데요 올해 초 결별 한것으로 알려졌습니다.


Meanwhile, I'm interested to hwangjeong and a devotee of hot Lee Youngdon Lee Youngdon is reminiscent of a four years older than hwangjeong Japan Golf Tour players and was known as the Japan Golf geoam manager treatments representatives.


In 2006, after winning the National University Federation, Haetneundeyo to debut officially inducted as the Korea Professional Golf Association tour in December in 2007, the same sky72, 2012Year he is participating in the Challenge Tour tournament, and built a career. 2007Years from the rough behind to study in Japan in 2008, open the "Golf School" has worked as a teaching pro, In recent years, responsible for the Japan Golf Tour players and golf management representative Japanese geoam.


Meanwhile Lee Youngdon was known that features a wealth enough to go aboard the Porsche Panamera, which call for 200 million won cap today.

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