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Ko Chun-hsiung died of lung cancer 70 years old enjoy life remains placed 2 funeral

Greater China Film Industry Report "acts of state" Ko Chun-hsiung passed away,70Year-old diary KCNA 7 days。

Communication before the end of the world is said to have left lung evening entertainment Phoenix quoted Ko Chun-hsiung's announcement。

Phoenix entertainment representation,The funeral will be announced later in the schedule in consultation with the deceased Ko Chun-hsiung。


Ko Chun-hsiung born in 1945 were born in the past 50 years,18Year-old feelings and martial arts,crime,war,Kung Fu genre,Including the emergence of excluding Taiwan,This year's Hong Kong debut,China received a lot of love。

Ko Chun-hsiung has won the 14th Asian Film Festival Best Actor "lonely seventeen" age is just 23 years old in 1968。When the first Chinese film to win a Best Actor honors received。

He became a popular hero image appears on the screen,Hot-rolled 21 times,And "martyrs future generations" as the owner of the Anti-Japanese Zhang Zizhong Asian Film Festival once again won the Best Actor Award。

1979year,He won the "Whampoa soul" in the 16th Golden Horse actor in 1999 for 20 years of "fierce and ambitious generation – Cao Cao "As master won a second Golden Horse best actor trophy。

In the 1980s,,World crime underworld movie also completed prosperity completely into the character actor,and many more。"Shanghai tycoon","Professional killer"。

Ko Chun-hsiung once married,Two divorces,Widowed once。 1970In contemporary Zhang Meiyao's two daughters married and the father of the actress has been living separated in 2004。

The second is the remarriage of divorced before Zhang Meiyao Hua born outside marriage submenu Celadon。


Ko Chun-hsiung is the popularity of the 2004,Election Campaign legislative elections of members of the Sixth National Party candidate says,Parliamentary life。


For thousands of years actively on the TV drama jwinsyung large raised face "Feng Shui Family,"Independent Heroes ill with lung cancer,Last year there was like who started this rumor turning。


Ko Chun-hsiung sport he participated in almost recommend protective film last October 27 as the top national treasures be remembered deeper look quite ill。

Kerr jwinsyung two months in intensive care in hospital three days,After disease progression,It also represents a sign of improvement has closed his eyes finally did not win the disease。

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