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Shin Eungyeong

What is Shin Eungyeong Son Is Truth?

Actress Shin Eungyeong this time the problem was embroiled in controversy over son.
All of the agency Shin Eungyeong has provoked a wave while I disclose the receipt of the Shin Eungyeong, including travel time was embroiled in the problems of his son Shin Eungyeong.
Shin Eungyeong
According to the former Department of the scanning line Shin Eungyeong “The true purpose and reason for starting the lawsuit is not settled and rehabilitation” Innovation “Mother hugging her husband before the light raising children alone” That broadcast images and began to fight for the purpose of informing the public interest that the truth under the shade of a huge drama Publisher conceal hidden Shin Eungyeong is avoided” Haetneundeyo say.

Shin Eungyeong

Shin Eungyeong and there is a lawsuit between the former management company has been in the news this time is the son of the controversial Shin Eungyeong.
Shin Eungyeong's son is gonna reportedly suffering from gigantism that the hydrocephalus in 12 years this year, Shin Eungyeong has confessed disease son in the broadcast, the tears ever Iooked watching Shin Eungyeong raising a son with a disability alone after a divorce with her husband, At the time, many fans showed Atta kkapda reaction to the story of Shin Eungyeong son.

Shin Eungyeong


But look at the interview of the paternal grandmother of Shin Eungyeong Shin Eungyeong son of the son is gonna Shin Eungyeong says he grew up in divorce after eight years paternal grandmother hands
In addition, Shin Eungyeong said came only eight years to find the perfect 2 after divorce.

Shin Eungyeong
Shin Eungyeong son paternal grandmother is “Turn on the TV When the Shin Eungyeong 'mother’ It is called” Said “Not easy I ve fixed income raising one child with a disability. Nowadays wish myeongjun the geotinde one piano four weeks I want to teach you a lot so that I can live alone is eopdeora and myeongjun”He said.

Shin Eungyeong

Meanwhile, Shin Eungyeong is thinking now ex-boyfriend broke neundeyo known hangeoteuro before men became known that waging a civil lawsuit with friends sadness.

Problems with the former management company, Problems with former boyfriend and the son of one issue, work out a hasigil.

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