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Wonder Boys

Is Kim Chang Ryul accused Wonder Boys members assaulted salary extortion facts?

DJ DOC member Kim Chang Ryul was sued for allegedly assaulting Wonder Boys.

Wonder Boys members, while Kim has filed suit against Kim Chang Ryul reported the incident.

According to the Wonder Boys members received a complaint last November 2012 in Seoul, Kim Chang Ryul at all gogitjip and hit several times on the cheek, claiming that the abusive.

Wonder Boys

It also claims that Kim Chang Ryul horizontal chaetda three months' salary of 3,000 million yuan, while directly hold the account and card member of the Wonder Boys.

Wonder Boys

The Kim Chang Ryul side announced that three of fact, I'm preaching the unfair position said unfounded followed Wonder Boys member for the contents sent the information to prove the last company AWOL was not highly divide at all conversation was left The term of the contract unilateral action to.

Wonder Boys

Meanwhile, Kim Chang Ryul side was the Wonder Boys in mid-November, and Kim Chang Ryul members to attend one regulator at the time the judge announces its condemnation of the members AWOL.

Wonder Boys

Kim Chang Ryul is a person who writes well about bad rumors Jar with entertainment fist.

But it seems to require a judge to the cool attitude of the incident to Kim Chang Ryul packing home at the age of 40 beyond the problem of agency representatives and affiliated artists, not seeing eye to historical entertainment sinus Kim Chang Ryul.

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