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Uh Nami cyber attacks notice in Plymouth IS

“International hacker organization've came to notice with the IS-commerce cyber attacks”

Word came to Plymouth last 13 days(Local time.) Terror in Paris, France(129 people died, It injured 400 people)The said 16 days will punish attacks perpetrated dimension to the IS.

In addition, the word came to Plymouth “French people are strong”While “Nani uh-commerce members worldwide will soon conduct a large-scale attack on IS”Said the.


Following “Find the home of the IS I just prevent your longer terror”He had emphasized.


어나니머스가 IS에 대한 공격을 하는 것은 이번이 처음이 아닌데요 어나니머스는 지난 1월 프랑스 파리에 위치한 풍자 주간지 ‘샤를리 에브도’에 테러를 감행, 10IS more than one person in a social network such as Twitter and Facebook murder(SNS) There was a power attack to hack the accounts en masse.


At the time word came to Plymouth is declaring war on IS and approximately 30,000 twice IS-related Twitter accounts and Facebook account, Unveiled by e-mail, etc..

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