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Isu hydrofluoric acid spill

Ulsan Isu Foshan 1 ton spill

I am thinking that hydrofluoric acid is leaking from Isu has shocked.

16Two days was midnight HF leakage from Ulsan Nam Isu.

Isu hydrofluoric acid spill

Ulsan City Fire Headquarters “In the nearby factory had been dispatched to report a gas smell is a lot of casualties has been identified to date is that there is no”Neundeyo he said.

Isu 1

Isu officials estimated that describes the fire department, but that the main valve block 26 processes Him 1:00 am, the Foshan 1t about the leaks.

Isu hydrofluoric acid spill

Foshan when can damage the skin and eyes and if inhaled over 8 hours of exposure to dangerous substances in concentration 0.5ppm is a dangerous substance that can cause an error on the human body.

Isu hydrofluoric acid spill

Meanwhile, in 2012 Gumi 4th National Industrial Complex in the hydrofluoric acid gas spill suffered five deaths and great damage to nearby crops and livestock at the time the area was seminal to the special disaster area.


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