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Manhattan, New York former President Park Jeonghui Rhee advertisements

The promotion of President Syngman Rhee and Park Jeonghui former president appeared in New York's Manhattan has become a hot topic.

Both the president of public relations advertising companies and manufacturers Agoda am 'bridge enterprise systems’ Would put out by representatives of the Han Tae prices on a billboard in Times Square in the Manhattan neighborhood posted an ad titled "The Great Architect of Modern Korea.

In the ad, and the two former presidents of the two side-by-side pictures of former President Syngman Rhee carried pictures are in English, the Founding Fathers down’ The founder of that article and premotor President Park Jeonghui has a 'New Community under the photo’ The description stated that.

Han Tae price representatives is that it will be hung at his own expense neundeyo posted an ad two weeks logos slum.

In history textbooks parliamentary debate Tuesday that will create an ad to inform both the President of the achievement that it is derogatory and disparaging the former presidents lamented handaepyo has revealed.


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