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Sexual harassment where high?

High impact statement to the molestation molestation Seoul high school teacher suggesting the man dating a student during class hangeoteuro tell you to give ground shock.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of the Comptroller molesting a high school teacher was constantly in a sexual remark nothing to do with the course content, Especially neundeyo said that the remarks by suggesting a dating

School molestation

Hwang molesting a high school teacher for girls, Haruka is called creating an alias, etc., It was found to have a story about an imaginary lover and sex.

School molestation

Also molesting a high school teacher summoning am also getting charged with molesting six people Teacher multiple times, For these acts was hangeoteuro corridors, etc.. Among female teachers molesting a high school teacher who was sexually abused are shocked been found that a female teacher who is also paying a recruitment notice posted in the first two schools.

School molestation

In addition, auditors from a survey on sexual harassment High School I'd like that to fact rather replaced it defended the perpetrators a surprise replacement for having the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education audit team to molesting a high school last month, the 20th harm haetneundeyo investigate the teacher and the student applied in the process of defending the teachers revealed.

School molestation

The Comptroller then ate out the paperwork to report it defended in a way that is not so, who is molesting teacher that the Comptroller General Office of Education to replace very angry.

Meanwhile, the government submitted a bill to prevent sexual offenses haetneundeyo eradication of the last number of early April, teachers and university revealed non-ji once also discussed in Parliament so far.

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