The prosecution summoned Lee overnight Survey

The prosecution summoned Lee overnight Survey

Lee received the prosecutors to investigate former girlfriend gwonmiyeon Mr. issues.
Lee received a wake survey for the last 20 days are summoned to the Prosecutor from 8 pm to illegal gambling charges 21 days at 5 pm to sue two events cases and 1 case defendant cow case.

Ex-girlfriend who sued the case of Mr. gwonmiyeon gwonmiyeon this was it for the past 12 days hun Lee is mentally get married to have sex lure, Physical damage was seen the said accused Lee on suspicion of damages of 100 million won and illegal casino gambling
If Lee is not 2 billion won from a man without complaint and know to be defamatory by the anaerobic gwonmiyeon claiming disseminate the information to the media last December collectible publications batatdamyeo threatened to expose hagetdaneun gwonmiyeon Mr. scandal was commissioned to investigate.

Though it not yet announced by prosecutors investigating the contents of the Hun if I hope to finish a good relationship..

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