News Today broadcast accidents

News Today to change the nappy of broadcasting accident patients..

mbc Morning News “News Today” In the broadcast was an accident. The last 27 days News Today has been exported to the controversial scenes jeonhamyeonseo the rain damage situation seems to specific parts of the body as the emergency broadcast.

News Today broadcast accident jeonhamyeonseo the investment to buy News & breakfast in a landslide in Chuncheon staff is sent out to the broadcast scene about 1-2 seconds to change the diapers of patients without filtration.


Exported to attend the scene to go to the group of patients in the emergency room there on the same broadcast…Is this true….


Meanwhile, patients who wear a diaper is not even a child.

The mbc is the situation is not exposed to a specific part thereto. The specific areas are covered with something black state said was misleading view it again explained that delete the scenes.


Only gon covering the patient's mouth the storm damage jotchi it together a little ahnindeut…

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