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Lee Huijin tears confess story

Lee Huijin tears confess story

The tears were shed Lee Huijin broadcasting activities as Baby VOX.

The Lee Huijin being appeared as recently as a monkey trainer Station heroine of the play 'Monkey' on Mnet channel kaeyibeul “Wide Entertainment News”Appearing on Bo was it tears.

Lee Huijin is a question about the Vox Beige days “Had not only were many unusual thing that has enjoyed more than 20 others were”Saying that ended in tears “Eopdeora friends left to pass two hours passed”Said “However, and thanks to the constant support of his fans haejun of the blank period, I'm sorry it's nothing haejun”It was called.

Dun gorgeous quilted stage “Baby VOX” But he enjoyed a lot as a star at a young age that she had a friend that enters watching idol of Lee Huijin story does not remain to be an adult with age ever thought to whether this is indeed hard to maintain its reputation and popularity All.

Many of the public would not only be in front of jotchi showing a good look around him well as a star chaenggyeoya?

Recently Idol stars also Lee Huijin the same halgeot take care of so well around this happen as it shed tears .. ^^

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