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Pay at smart features credit card terminal

Smartphone credit card terminal, pay at smart features

All you need is a smartphone anytime, anywhere card payment possible 'page at "~~

In addition, cotton candy does not feel at all in a compact and weight into a shirt pocket 4.2cm x 3.2cm x 1.4cm, such as weight ~~

And the most important of the lowest-cost domestic card payments!! No additional communication costs.

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When equipped with an electronic signature function to receive a direct sign capable mobile POS functionality - customers anywhere in the sales management, e-mail, Smart page at supporting SMS receipt free ~~

Also available all of the performance management and managing product listings per employee.

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At page is a credit card payment terminal that wirelessly. Therefore, security is too important so I. Smart credit card terminal at Taipei boasts the nation's top Complete payment security.

As the only domestic management domestically PG billing agencies 'oldeogeyiteu', Financial Security, Passing through vulnerability analysis and, Equipped with a bank-level anti-hacking solution vaccines.

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In addition, server-based phones to replace the stable payment, In transactions are automatically deleted when restoring APP, It Provides WEB administrators that work with mobile. ^^

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So smart portable credit card terminal, pay at Let's find out the cost-Up

Wings reader ( It is the guy in the picture above.) : 9,000 / Free and immediately apply the new merchant terminal acceding

가입비 : 30,000won ( If you are paid once the initial accession. )

March expenses : 3,000won

Receipt peurinteugi : Sold separately ( Visit receipts peurinteugi ) / Cellphone customers sent letters receipts “free” , I sent a receipt email “free”

The end ~


Join contact 1600 – 8769

페이앳 무료신청 하기 http://paykorea.co.kr/

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