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Portable credit card terminals, pay at

Smartphone credit card terminal is not the way to sell the device, unlike other products in the products with the aim of providing more convenient services from the customer.

Exceptional handset prices can not be compared to existing tasagwa you like to supply the 9,000 won.

At the third-party pay the cost factor

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So what are the advantages of pay at What?

At Taipei is an innovative handset price competitiveness and potential software.

Pay at the third-party software comparison

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Software developer specializing in the development and operation of the product directly from huteo software management and support with continuous updates, as well as a,

10Aegis enterprise in which at least provides electronic payment services PG stable years of financial security is also excellent as an advantage that a joint business operations management.

Pay at the third-party hardware comparison

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Get smart phone credit card terminal, pay at the terminal free


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