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Trump card with the launch of the iPhone kt Cook aensyo

Trump card with the launch of the iPhone kt Cook aensyo

Apple iPhone !!
So in the design and functionality, the guy you want to make sure that my.
Jideoni delayed for one reason or another, but the domestic market has become the Apple iPhone now available in the domestic purchase.

Right from the start on the 20th coming from KT 'Cook aensyo' fixed-mobile convergence services, and that hyeotda to sell the iPhone.

KT threw a new card in order to activate the mobile industry became more powerful as the merger with KTF.
It's greatly changed eopneundeut have already introduced through June, the blog content.

IPhone to be released today is the Internet with a single device, including wireless internet, Nespot 'call,Mobile Phone, It was able to use the wireless Internet.

If you would like to use an existing Internet phone but must purchase a separate telephone eda stories now available jyeotdaneun did in one terminal. Where the wireless Internet is used is applied to switch to telephone 070 by operating the terminal, and is used as a normal mobile phone where this does not apply to wireless Internet.

In addition, it can do that using the Internet telephony from anywhere at any place would not be applied to wireless Internet yitto an attractive.

KT is neundeyo us could take advantage of low-cost wireless Internet access charges to launch this product for use with the Internet and mobile phone to charge the phone up to 35% to 88%. While the meantime, if the prices of domestic mobile phone abroad move ahninya're too expensive compared to the communications charges are were many only use the rate cut in New of this KT stories Nationals the also new products to other operators War shooter existing customers, not the rate cuts I think that would try to.

But it was found that the disadvantage to these good deals.
To the 070 calls where the wireless Internet access that is not used that feature to return your mobile phone.

What is this story?

A place where wireless Internet is called the house, and if that is where wireless Internet is not used outside of the home
You can make and receive calls to 070 from the house. But if someone at home nagateulttae gun out and a call to 070
It is a story that can be. When outside the house if someone dialed 070 to call a phone Go away or
And the cement that's the phone comes out.

System, turn your mobile phone number, an incoming call to 070 when the outside of the home will have more untapped…

Whichever law is not perfect for my heart…

070Writing with a phone and mobile phone charge point is saved wait and see said coming 20 days to try to think whether that itneungeo This alone is sufficiently attractive that go for the Apple iPhone..

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