Camera Yellow Line, Camera blue line development – Flicker

When I took the picture from where I'm on the fluorescent phenomenon such as yellow or blue lines caused saekjul In this first picture I truly absurd.

And I'd like to think that not this is not a camera malfunction never ^^ ~~ camera malfunction

This saekjul blue in the picture indicate that the right thing is phenomena such as flickering yellow line.

The reason this flicker occurs in the picture indeyo fluorescent problem..

Fluorescent continue to be turned on, but dozens of times neundeyo flashing for one second fluorescent light is blinking did feel that the speed is always on the fast do not feel our eyes flickering fluorescent lights..

In addition, fluorescent lamps are flashing while doeneundeyo temperature of color also changes, as The statement will be a yellow or blue line in the picture causing juldeung.

This is also a computer monitor line displacing ^^

The workaround is simple indeed. Doeneundeyo give off the camera shutter speed. In my case 1/60 Do you set doedeogunyo solve the problem..

Those who have perhaps phenomena occurring yellow line or blue line in the picture is, try adjusting the shutter speed .. ^^

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