Ok Ok Park Chul divorce settlement confess state of mind on Myspace

Ok Ok Park Chul divorce settlement confess state of mind on Myspace

At the end the court fight between Ok and Park Chul two years agreed to divorce mediation.
1996Year Married Park Chul and Ok is a 870,168,000 won in the last October 2007 Park Chul this by filing a divorce case in court against the Ok court last September estate 24 billion increase in the first instance to the Ok groove period 80,000,000 won ruled told paid to Park Chul. In addition to the custody of their daughter, and Park Chul, Ok until 2019 that the daughter of age, was sentenced me to pay one million won per month in child support. Ok but it had Appeal Park Chul In addition, during this process we filed a lawsuit suit staged a legal dispute until recently Ok dwaeteumyeo is accused of adultery in consultation, In December, the court sentenced to probation for two years in prison in August.

The ruling Worth it did not deviate significantly from the first trial verdict is known to contain somewhat more favorable side Ok Legal representatives of yungwanggi lawyers in Park Chul have not been divorced 25 days has been established for more details correct, but said the two sides to a private.

Ok is a recent photo via his Myspace Haetneundeyo confess state of mind

The friends met in a long time..
At the end of the warm up for girls
A lot of energy was the hardest heart..

friend.. Thank you gifts good book…

While not yet confirmed the return of the parts for the broadcast Ok.

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