EX Auto Mart Auto Mart is 6,000,000 won Vehicles Buy This opportunity

Auto Mart Equus is 6,000,000 won
Auto Mart Car Buying this opportunity

Equus is 6,000,000 won at Auto Mart? Siul during the 40 luxury cars seized for delinquent taxes are high next month 1 Up to 14 days through an Internet auction company specializing in selling Auto Mart announced a public auction method.

Vehicle auctions Auto Mart at this time is that I'd luxury foreign cars and domestic large cars are the main auction items, including the Toyota Avalon. 2000This year EQUUS Limousine, including Chairman and 2001 have been formulated as a connoisseur of 6,000,000 won and 7,000,000 won. 2000For the year EQUUS, if the price of used cars ingeol 1,000 ten thousand won Given the exceptional price.

Vehicles in the auto auction mart is that pictures and inspection requirements, including all parts required for the purchase of vehicles and public vehicles through auto-Mart can also check the auction go directly to the vehicle before purchasing a vehicle car storage.

Anyone who can buy a used car would not miss this opportunity .. ^^

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