Yuna Kim Hee Sun Daughter “The alias Jan sister” That is soksajeong?

Daughter, Kim Hee Sun Yu Na Joo-young sister a story

Kim Hee-sun over the past 27 days KBS 2 Yeonyega has appeared on the transit mentioned the daughter Yuna.
Kim Hee-sun's "daughter Yuna resembled Dad” Haetneundeyo said that sometimes sad.

The resemblance is so out of my dad and my sister Jan alias is also attached as. haha

Haneungunyo as husband and father of Yuna Kim Hee-sun's Mr. Park Shijo So right from the nickname Jan sister

Daughter, Kim Hee Sun

Now that Dad is handsome in question motivation Yuna also pretty.
Kim Hee-sun's "sex change would do fine if ateul sons and daughters yiraseo’ Is he saying laugh Bo was it Then do not talk yippeuda ㅎㅎ

Kim Hee-sun seems to be "happy and right now is the best ever kids grow increasingly greater happiness in this day broadcasting” And showed me that the current marital happiness to many fans.

Meanwhile, It would soon reveal the face of the daughter Yuna Kim Hee-sun told has become a hot topic.


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