Gimbuseon cannabis drugs marijuana is not medicine gimbuseon!!

Not gimbuseon cannabis drug
Gimbuseon cannabis is medicine!!

Actor gimbuseon Mr. weed stood in the center of the controversy to remark that the drug is not medicine.
Mr. gimbuseon appeared on the MBC live morning broadcast last 19 days “Marijuana is not a drug”Innovation “Strictly speaking, a Chinese medicine” Saying, “Political thug, Thats like a steal people, whether we do something wrong”Said said.

In addition, Mr. gimbuseon “It should encourage countries to use cannabis for the treatment of depression returning healthy depressed patients back to the community”Gimbuseon are saying “Drug investigation whenever a regime change whenever you use to embarrass the government to steal public opinion No.”Said “Cultural artists to tame a dragon threatening” He said.

Due to these remarks, Mr. gimbuseon has become a topic stood in the center of the controversy.

Actual gimbuseon Mr.'m never bought eight months in prison before smoking cannabis in the last 18 years this remark of Mr. gimbuseon
It seemed to bring a large impact socially.

In the past, Mr. gimbuseon 2007, cannabis is not a drug'm hanjeokyi remarks..
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No matter how you think of Mr. gimbuseon indeut spirit world is unique min. Ao Ao;;

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