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Please call to artists jeongeunju.

Jeongeunju debut with Racing hook trot singer.
2007Year jeongeunju debut geolro Glamor Racing recently trot album 'Nudie Tea’ Representative songs “Thrilled thrilled”As he announced the official debut as a singer.

Jeongeunju the meantime neundeyo stood was a lot of talk sexy pictorial in the time taken jeongeunju ramen to take off to sing songs that are not afraid at all to take off clothes”He said itneyo show an imposing figure on the exposure..

The jeongeunju haneungunyo that is self-proclaimed as "Nudie tea singer leaving their sexy singer at a higher level than his own design and no-dt stage costumes and production..

175If the jeongeunju a svelte figure in a sexy gesture cm singing on stage seemed to be many men fall…

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