Lee Kyu-han bomb “Good girl good shape molding”

Lee Kyu-han bomb
“Good girl good shape molding”

20MBC's one chinso by Lee Kyu-han appeared on survival is the topic to be honest confession about his yiseonggwan am
Lee Kyu-han what is the point of women performers in broadcasting, mainly boneunya question “I see the body”I answered honestly and
“I like a woman with a molding”It called the bomb must have created the filming with laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyu-han was once Club Dauphin”Took to the crease Gangnam one said I'd eotdago view the spectacular dancing skills..

Frankly molding doing surprisingly not that a good thing handsome face by forming more ugly face .. ^^;
The vote throws a look to know how to speak his mind honestly, without pretense in broadcast ~~!!

Lee Kyu-han
Talent, Actor
Born August 04, 1980
Physical 178cm, 70kg
Education National University of Theater and Film (Drop out)
Debuted in 1999 MBC drama "Love and Success’
Myspace http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?time = 44627032

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