Forward Lee Si-young, 3Months of dating

Forward Lee Si-young, 3Months of dating

Forward Lee Si-young were born in We Got Married couples in the virtual to the real couple.

Lee Si-young and forward recently developed between lovers is known as being the third month fellowship.

If you listen to the perspective of both the forward and Lee Si-young's agency.?

Lee Si-young's agency – It is a fact that two people meet to have a crush on.
Advance agency – Dwaetgo two people meet in woogyeol have a crush, 3Months ago, it has developed into a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, I'd like to advance and staying in China to open the current Asian Tour official press conference for the devotees of the 24th Given this context, forward Lee Si-young and Lee Si-young devotee of the fact that two people have been officially recognized.
Lee Si-young forward two people, please share pretty love.


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