Chair Professor Hwang Woo-suk Hwang returns coming back

Chair Professor Hwang returned
Come back Hwang

Hwang has again come back to Seoul National University.
Hwang is encouraging that the haetneundeyo deprived in January 2006 Distinguished Professor of eligibility due to the manipulation issue papers Seoul National University Professor Hwang's research and decided to appoint as chair professor to improve performance in quality.

Once the chair professor Hwang's research receives support sueokwon, Exemption from duty under the preferential's lecture.

Celebrate the return of the Chair Professor Hwang and I hope the lights on terminally ill patients with good research .. ^^

Former professor of Seoul National University
Born December 15th 1952 (Grant Chungcheong)
By all belong to H. (CEO)
Education, Seoul National University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine Dr.
It won the 2005 World Technology Network Award Biotechnology
May H. Bai, CEO career on 2008
2006January-March, Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and professor in 2006

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