Roh constables He was on the spot.

Roh constables He was on the spot.

Roh constables have belatedly revealed the fact that there was a place devoted time down the cliff.
The initial statement of former President Roh Moo-hyun said the constables “There are people pass”It was known among investment trusts hangeoteuro constables have turned his head to say it turned out to be untrue.

6When former President Roh Moo-hyun and the constables arrived on the rocks 11 minutes Bonghwa owl's former President Roh sat on a rock
14To an hour constables “Come, go to the Pure Land wanted to know whether the security director”He was instructed and constables are revealed between commitment hangeoteuro went to get the Jodo won were away.

Jodo circle is where former President Roh Moo-hyun that enshrined the mortuary tablet of the parents and craftsmen.

A former presidential bodyguard for two minutes of constables is “If the constables together was in place it would not have been able to throw out the constables also with the body” That I had to say.

Meanwhile, Roh's constables have while living with since the constables presidential tenure and retirement will would have been well aware of the Secret Formulas If you jumped more likely to know that the constables would jump with turned follows the purposely constables He said,.

I think that surprising when you think La favorite work of haneunge constables need to devote all his own body.
The due date of its constables will receive a referral jinggyewi, Said lifelong burden that live outside eopeulgeot.

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