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Cosmetics and functional cosmetics

Today we know about cosmetics and functional cosmetics. ^^

Cream kind of cosmetics that are the foundation of the cosmetics and, latex, toilet water, Etc. I'd like to pack products in cosmetics.

In addition, cleansers and soaps, Three minutes, etc. also part of the basic cosmetics.

Products that are based on skin doegetneyo if you think that cosmetics.

Even "non-functional cosmetic cosmetics’ Gonna have seen a lot of stories that contain functional cosmetics, food is medicine I'm able to use the term only in the functional cosmetic products authorized in safe place.

It can be divided into three “Whitening”,”wrinkle”,”UV protection” Itguyo can be divided into three, and you go into detail, as there is a strict functional cosmetics expression.

Therefore, if the functional cosmetic products without the permission of the Food Safety Medical treatment will not be seen as both a functional whitening, wrinkle, You can not use a UV-related phrases or phrases that remind us of this..

In addition, when the case of acne, I just can not even use phrases that treat or prevent certain diseases of functional cosmetics that have proven efficacy can use the zest, In the case of antimicrobial efficacy in cleaning products for human, The effect can be used when proven.

Yogiseo cosmetic display, Look out some criteria and represented a range of advertising Would not be more helpful in functional cosmetics purchase..

In the Cosmetics Cosmetics show display advertising guidelines, I'm not displayed representation range and standard of ads.

If I were a little vague skater these guidelines do this, please contact the Food and Drug stable processing can be checked.


 Prohibited representations

 Allow expressions

 Disease diagnosis, cure, Prevention-related relief aid

– atopy

– acne

– joint, Using the body's lymphatic gland and skin other than the specific area

   The medicinal, Effective advocates

– Mental and physical fatigue Hui

– Antibacterial

– psoriasis

– Elderly pruritus

– Sterilization, Disinfection

– Anti-inflammatory, throes

– decoding

– diuresis

– Anticancer

– Antifungal, Antiviral

 – It is suitable for use on acne-prone skin(efficacy, Proven effective when)

 – Antibacterial(Efficacy in cleaning products for human, Proven effective when)

 Skin Related

– Representation skin improvement

– Expression related skin aging

– Expression related skin aging

– Cellulite-related representation

– To relieve swelling and dark circles.

– Remove the skin and skin toxins in nopemul.

– Recover or repair damage to the skin.

– Remove or alleviate the wounds caused by banhon.

– Stretch Marks, To remove or alleviate the stretch.

– The laxative itching(A garyeom help due to dryness


– Improve the rash.

– Nappy rash is effective.


– It helps the skin whitening(Only functional cosmetics)

– It helps to improve skin wrinkles.(Only functional cosmetics)

– Juba finely burn the skin, helps the skin from UV rays protection.(Only functional cosmetics)

– Anti-Aging, Alleviate skin aging(efficacy,Proven effective when)

– When temporarily reduce cellulite Kanda(efficacy, Proven effective when)

– Swelling, The dark circles wanhan (efficacy, Proven effective when)

– Swelling, It gives go dark circles.

– Nopemul remove the skin and clears the pores and make-up.

– By supplying water and nutrients to the skin and prevent rough and precursors(It gives moisture)

– A itch relief due to dryness

– The gently to enhance the flexibility of the skin.

– Relieve skin irritation and skin stress and maintain a healthy skin by jineong.

– And prevent or ameliorate skin damage, It allows the skin smooth and shiny gakkunda.

– Make the skin soft and gives a sense of sanggwae.

– Convergence effect on the skin(The effect of temporary contracts in the pores of the skin)It gives the, When promoting skin elasticity Kanda.

– A bundle of skin and prevents flicker by Fiji.

– inattention, Intelligence, It is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

– Hides skin imperfections given the hue or color effect adds beauty.

– To give a smooth shine to imsul.

– It reduces the skin irritation caused by shaving.

– The after shaving to prevent razor marks to call pulling the skin.

– To temporarily shrink the pores after shaving relaxed and healthy skin.

 – Improving physical representation

– It makes thin body parts.

– Thereby expanding give or elasticity in the chest.

– The face size is smaller.

– An effective diet.

(Yes: Ongoing weight loss, Body Changes, Body improvement, Subcutaneous

We lipolysis, LA managed by a partial body flab luxury

Have a will, etc.) 


 – Hue-related representation


– The beautifully to the tones gives the effect of sharpening the contours.

– Hides skin imperfections given the hue or color effect adds beauty.

– To prevent the disturbance of the color tone effect of the water and sebum.

– Using the optical characteristics or the color tone effect is to appear in three dimensions.

 – Hair-related representation

– Recover or repair damaged hair.

– Use a hair removal.

– It inhibits seongjeong such as hair.

– Eyelashes, It grows eyebrows.

– Hair loss prevention and wool, A hair growth effect.

(Yes: Extend the growing of hair. Physiologically hair

Thereby increasing the thickness. It reminds the hair, etc.)

– The prevention of hair damage, It gives domueul the improvement or restoration, Protect damaged hair and smooth.

– It makes it to moisture and nutrition to the hair and maintaining healthy hair.

– It gives a shiny and bouncy hair, To prevent static electricity.

– Le hair or scalp clean and healthy and relieves itching and dandruff.

– Thereby coloring the hair temporarily.

– It gives a setting effect on the hair, It is maintained to give a semi-permanent deformation.

– Wave hair, Easy to dry straight hair and curly hair Expands.

– To look long eyebrows temporarily or given a set volume effect adds a sense of beauty.

– Eyebrow, It protects the lashes.

 – Nail-related representation


– Moisture and nutrients to the nails and to prevent damage to health.

– Protect your nails and add a glossy effect given the hue and beauty.

– Clear nail makeover.

 – Related Biological Activity

– The blood circulation smoothly.

– Endocrine hormone secretion promoting action, etc.

– God expressed suggest that could help sex

(Yes: Women Cream, St. lubrication)

– It inhibits perspiration occurs.

 – Improve the blood circulation of the skin(efficacy, Proven effective when)

– And have a pleasant feel with a good scent.

 – State-of-the-art technology-related

– A skin cell regeneration effect.

– Skin constituents(Yes: enzyme, Collagen, etc.)Increase, decrease

Or activate.

– Cells or genes(DNA)To activate.

– Human 'cells,Organizational culture’ Representation of origin

 – It helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

– enzyme, Collagen increases, Reduced expression or activation(Efficacy in functional cosmetics, Proven effective when)

– Unspecified origins of the 'human cell culture OO', but, The 'cosmetic ingredient specified by the Food and Drug Administration announced Stable

Regulations',Using appropriate materials, and in only if it is desired to express the

 – Functional Cosmetics Related

– Functional Benefits, Functions to other components rather than effective ingredients

Representation that advocates gender


 – Organic Cosmetics Related

– Organic cosmetics display, Not suitable for the advertising guidelines

The non-organic products(organic) expression


 – Safety-related

 – No side effects

– edible.


Meanwhile functionality was purchased without thinking carefully weigh cosmetics now watching Purchase haseyong

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