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Changing the file extension

You can simply change the file extension from your computer.

People are using the Window and properly used, but a number of features hidden in Windows will not seem so much.

I also am a long time and use a computer only uses only function used jeongjak.

Today I'll show you how to simply change the file extension from my computer.

First you see the folder that contains the images coming out of my computer, I do the following.


The file name is displayed but extensions joggers come..

If you look at the top of the folder(Window 7 standards) “Configuration” I'm of the menu.

Also if you click the configuration as follows.


In this screen, “Folder and Search Options” Please click.


I now come to the screen to set up folders. If you look to the top, click the View tab, scroll down and yogiseo “Hide extensions for known file types” There is a part of.

Yogi is gonna be the guy I check the air unchecked “apply” Click Next “Confirm” Try clicking the.

And you see, open the folder that you identified a while ago ~~~


Does it now look ㅎㅎㅎ that were output extension

Then simply change the haebolkkayo jpg gif file to yogiseo..

Rollover to make changes to the files you want and click the right notes “Rename(M)” Click to have tried to change the jpg gif.


You'll wear ㅎㅎ Merced - good news for those ildeut but those who already know the revelations do not know .. ^^

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