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SketchUp shortcut (SketchUp shortcuts to frequently used)

The program has been touched somehow dealing with SketchUp.

The interface is simple than you think to YouTube videos while watching the painted work immediately rush 2D drawings. ^^

일케 하다보니 3D 로 해보고 싶어서 인터페이스에를 요기 저기 클릭 하다 하면서 해보니 헐~ 정말 간단하게 되게 군요..

However, in case the shortcuts here and there is a search haneunge uncomfortable while pressing one single menu, find the shortcut to the public ilke.

If you are interested please be useful If you need ~


SketchUp shortcut bar


Select all the objects ⇒ ” Ctrl + A ”

Choose Object ⇒ Cancel ” Ctrl + T ”

⇒ When adding selected object, and then choose a ” Ctrl + Selecting objects ”

⇒ removal in addition to selecting the object and then select ” Ctrl + Shift + Selecting objects ”

⇒ a while, switch to the removal of the object, select the object ” Shift + Selecting objects ”

To copy an object ⇒ ” Ctrl + C ”

Paste the object ⇒ ” Ctrl + V ”

<Boundary of the object>

경계선 숨기기 ⇒ ” Shift + Eraser tool ”

⇒ Show hidden borders ” Ctrl + Shift + Eraser tool ”



<Multi-Copy> – Synonymous with 'ARRAY' in CAD
Copying a time to several ⇒ the VCB after copying objects ” * Objects can” input

or ” / Objects can “input

<Resize objects>

Sizing of the central axis in the object ⇒ ” Ctrl + Adjustment must ”

Resize the object as a uniform rate ⇒ ” Shift + Adjustment must ”



⇒ Revert to the front Pre ” Ctrl + FROM ”

⇒ revive the canceled job ” Ctrl + Y ”


⇒ Clear ” Delete

스케치업 단축키 윈도우Sketch word shortcuts _WIN

Sketch word shortcuts _WIN

SketchUp Mac keyboard shortcuts

Sketch word shortcuts _MAC

Sketch word shortcuts _MAC

스케치업 다운로드는 이쪽에서 하세요 스케치업은 무료 입니다.^^~ Download Shortcuts

It's also a shortcut to Preferences See address below http://blog.naver.com/inde9898?Redirect=Log&logNo=110039548976


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