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jQuery(Jay query) .ready() method

jQuery .ready in() A method is a method that makes possible the safe state when the operation is confirmed that the state can use the DOM elements in JavaScript and work.

If you connect a common event handler function, or DOM manipulation before loading all of the DOM in JavaScript lead it'd Therefore, even if an error occurs manipulate the DOM need to access the DOM status after the error does not occur. ^^


Also .ready()  Methods <body onload=””> It is not compatible with the attributes, When you use the load event to the special elements such as an image or window .ready() The methods or jQuery .ready() Do not use this method.

 .ready() I'd method is mostly used with the anonymous function is a simple example below:.

$(document).ready(function() {

 $.print("Let's stop shoveling some TT. TT");


When applying the above example, the end of the page loading “Let's stop a little shoveling TT. TT ” Is output to the screen.

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