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Pay at providing free office manager - page provided free at

Do you know the smart phone card payment terminals at Taipei?

If you do not know the page at At home pageTry to check more details (( I'm offering free handsets, pay at ))


In the smart phone credit card payment terminals at page Unlike other credit card payment terminal offers a branch manager for free.

I'd say one person Manager Web page at.

The manufacturer or salesperson many companies that operate a number of branch offices is extremely powerful features.

If you use the Manager web page provided by the program at hasideon using existing paying monthly costs Free!! You can use free of charge. ^^

At page basically you have a function that can be registered to the employee by the merchant to manage Merchants Group Manager is a system that helps you manage multiple offices in the headquarters level to tie this back together multiple merchants. ^^


So let's learn about the four systems manager web page at the core of the administrative offices .. ^^

1. Branch-specific administrative transactions (At the web page manager)

At page

It's seen a lot of screen hasimyeonseo use the page at .. ^^ But indeyo part just select the branch Let's look at the top right, you can just check the branch-specific transactions.



2. Branch-specific settlement history management (At the web page manager)

At page

Am May settlement history itguyo office to confirm the settlement by the actual sales history would help to brighten the office operations .. ^^


3. Product Management (At the web page manager)

At page

If you need a product that is managed by the headquarters level Shijo lot.. At this point you can add the item doendapnida add the item to all branches. ^^


4. Staff Management (At the web page manager)

At page

Last indeyo staff management itguyo can create employee accounts of each branch, 생성된 직원계정의 소속지사를 변경 할 수도 있습니다.


The Smart Manager Web page at Al knew not that??

Now credit card payment terminal is not required to charge a small fits in your pocket “At page” , Please use the page at..


Need yet also pay the monthly expenses by a few ten thousand won …OMG…Now please just sign up for a free terminal at Taipei..

At page

At page Free terminal application

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