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Titanic Violin Auction

Titanic Violin Auction

In the Titanic sank in 1912 the last time to play the violin it has recorded 15 billion won in auction.

Titanic Violin Auction handeyo so great…

Titanic Violin Auction

Last 19 days(Local time.) Titanic violin at an auction held in the UK is about 900,000 lbs(Approximately 1,546,680,000 won, Hanwha)It was awarded the.

Titanic violin is gonna ship reportedly was the band leader Wallace Hartley used to sink.

Wallace Hartley is known which reached the final and played the violin for three hours so as not to shake their passengers at the time of the sinking.

Did not see the look of the actual Titanic violin being played this very scene in the movie there was a Titanic violin

Titanic violin became known as the Wallace Hartley received as an engagement gift. Fiancee came to the auction by the charity after his julgot is kept died of Mary Robinson.

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