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Pay at payment terminals for free

Pay at payment terminals for free

Credit card that plugs into the earphone jack smartphone payments at pay ~~

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Pay and payment in the event of payment terminals for free at.

Still from using a credit card terminal to pay expensive monthly fees? Heavier, Shijo is cumbersome and needs to be charged…

Now there is no worry about charging that fits in your pocket 'page at’ Try out ... ^^

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Available free to all credit card payments on a monthly management fee paid 3,000 won and you access the "Web Manager, you can check the approval status and approval period in real time.

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I'm also offering an Excel file that can be easy to cumbersome tax reporting and it supports Android, as well as to the ISO can still use your smartphone you're using.

Payment receipts are offering I will send you an SMS receipt sent to customer mobile phones free of charge. ^^At page

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When yijeongdo smartphones card payment terminals' page at’ Now Is not haneungeo need to sign up now…^^

Pay at the terminal free application

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