Vampire impact remains found

Vampire impact remains found

The vampire is also the reality that frequently appeared in films?

I'm shocked that the bones 4 which is estimated as a vampire in Poland have been found archaeological says Dr. Peer yecheu check that the excavation site is the remains of four seems to have been recently Gliwice near a building from the 16th century, after the execution site.

But why the remains are a suspected vampire ashes had suffered a indeyo because one way doktok store discovered the vampire ashes all four districts beheaded head is placed between the legs, In general, personal belongings such as jewelery buried with the tomb are all reasons why it does not matter to which the remains of the presumed vampire ashes.


In the Middle Ages it is common that followed Dr. yecheu peer checks put in between and then beheaded the people are afraid of the Resurrection bridge head vampire is estimated at haetneundeyo Description “Detailed analysis is still open proceeding is presumed to have died around about the 16th century,” He was added and.

According to archaeologists around Europe and legends concerning vampires is that widely inflated. Last year the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Sozopol Bar iteotneundeyo bones are believed to have killed 800 in the chest near the studded iron stake two years ago, was found in the time of Bulgaria's National bakmulgwanjang Dimitrov will look different “In the past this area was the custom If you do not believe that the resurrection store put a peg on Vampire Heart”He said,.


But the remains are also Try to guess whether the victim of evidence that would have been just a real vampire is buried indeyo fact eopneunge vampire superstition into execution mode.

Meanwhile, Italy Florence University anthropologist Matteo see you “Middle of the victim were also complaining to a hinterland of infectious diseases such as plague turns the town into a vampire pointed to a specific person”He has claimed.

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