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2Super Ant 'jicheonmyeong made 4.3 million won and 300 billion won in years’

Jicheonmyeong(To know fate)Stock specify adherence round of unmarried overlooking the(49·His real name hwanghocheol). Envy among individual investors and most people want to be like is a stick of teak. Email barrel holding 300 fly in a day, I want to make it a master, 'their phone is a typical Super Ants, which is so popular that all obtain the best caught at more than 100 barrel.

2The year began with 4.3 million won a 30 billion won net worth one 'master of equity investments’ Where in the last 11 days Find the afternoon to see the prototype was designated a four room apartment is not in an office star in Seoul. I think there is expectation about one decent office in Yeouido securities went well wide view.

If the specified public round held large sums of cash not dream of a lifetime was not enough, so a separate office knife irony. Just an ordinary apartment, three seconds seungbusa’ Was the work of the circular designated. There were two rooms deuleocha to five desk like a dog decorated with a computer system, such as an aircraft cockpit ppaegok. Family's all people are disciples president and one secretary disciple who lives with three people who commute.

Hwang across the reporters comfortable attire is “4Even just one year ago has put up a plausible office in South View. But I think the example of inefficient He moved straight to the house. When you want to rest can save unnecessary travel time can at any time ask to sleep I think the choice is still well done”He said and smiled.

It can break off and required a full-time investor buying jjideuleo stress, even quietly to solve the reading in the park in the neighborhood's story called icing on the cake. The Heaven and Hell through a lot of ups and downs, without a resolution would be to ohgan experience now live a life of sharing Circular specifies. Pseudonym 'circular specifies "(Round feelings)Also ''ll stay round the world helping each other in an angular "is committed yourself to the means.

Stand out dark eyelid to hwonchilhan key Hunan type circle designated. He has cold and impersonal equity Absolutely cozy, but those who have gained a reputation as the owner of a mild nature. Especially while the majority of Super Ants, which are buried in a nearby choya living in seclusion circular specifies that the person is known as a secured open mind active fans of nearly 10,000 people. His one year the stock farming results were also sprinkling the agent in securities to disclose to the Internet cafe.

2007In the second series 'What the hell is this story Breathless wanggeomi aristocracy' of their stock investments in securities silpaedam portal paxnet in January and were also elicit an enthusiastic response from private investors. Circular specifies that currently invest directly in stocks is also a degree of 10 billion won from 30 billion won assets have hinted figured the closest revenues in the first quarter of 2009 only 100%.


◆ “If you do not have to own the stock touched Mara Land”

There are countless failures experienced left back sent Days of suffering which also happened to fall on the dash to 9.1 billion won a specified articles regenerative legend roundness without giving up a life of gambling as only $ 4.3 million won a day to be fueled by alcohol and tobacco.
Then he was just two years on only one born again to 30 billion won rejected was the result of a superhuman concentration and effort Pina.

“Must urgently and desperately. The result is almost seen the lights do not try desperately experts from the best stock market jungle as herpes holding the cash that's hundreds of billions billion from the computer monitor over me dreaming of success”

Above the desk, yellowing of the circular specifies the stock exchange may have faded colors are superimposed A4 paper stuck susipjang. Moment nalseon prepared've written for Thrasher keep their own inaction becomes cardinal rule from the sale to remember the moment they are densely deuleocha. How to read again what I have read, the edge there are many places parted hands off the worn and tattered tattered full.

Among them, a passage concludes with start with 'Must Defend If you do not want to be beggars suicide' 'it is that it shares the revenue it takes a long time'.

<Iron law : If you do not want to be a suicide're sure to Defend>

1. Note has a particular patient when buying books trafficking and another bear.
2. Impulsive, emotional marketing, do not ever.
3. But a thorough analysis of the events referred to the low number of. In particular, I do not know when to plunge to the theme.
4. Do not chase the absolute number of.
5. Chodanta marketing is shorter with less money, Be satisfied with small profits.
6. Frequent trading is think carefully refrained, and do not act lightly.
7. Particularly careful when trading revenue wake and keep the profits.
8. Do not be frustrated in any case, Be committed to study.
9. Do as much as possible and do not credit check is not accrued when writing the rise.
10.Do not hurry, do buriji greed. La slowed only when marketing hanbakja.
11. Be careful, it may seem crazy to commit to work drunk seemed not wild.
12. Go step by step to build up a three-day low price.
13. Let stand again put up for sale Note.
14. CO is the art of timing. Copies are deliberately selling is like lightning
15. That it takes a long time to revenue shares.

◆ to runaway 15-year-old to become a stick Stock

Inje, Gangwon Province is home to the circular specified. Middle impatient for the home environment was always anxious to school days the father and mother of discord here and there Antebellum kicked in and the bar employees to Seoul and had to liveing.

“At the time I asked it also I wonder there are people who eat the expensive free alcohol in a pub guest's called tax officials. So I thought he must be Duro tax officials”

High school diploma could barely received munanhi admission to memorize the textbook daldal two-year National Tax College. 1984The first year started his public life lived in the wind tax smoothly until 1992 circular specifies the flurry fell all the money moyija left it to the consideration of securities and securities at the time of East-West. Even bigger shock.

“The director of the Hanbo Group jinaedeon one minute that I'm aware of the usual construction to try again. Hanbo Group has total tax officials who are older then I was doing a lot shingles in the group. The incumbent tax officials made 50 paper construction company did receive a subcontract Hanbo Group started collecting raking money in a way that re-contractors. Now equal to the one that can not be imagined. I immediately wrote to the opposite knee mother Tax Office also quit”

But as the days of the circular specifies dream draw it did not last long. 1997In the IMF bailout cold snap hitting the drive got the bankrupt Hanbo Group also fell collapsing construction of circular specifies deongdalah.

“At the time it was abandoned altogether flew contains about 400 billion won in the personal account. Eopeotjyo not believe. Even more difficult to endure all the people I have met the friend said jinaedeon be so good friend Lee was doing business and bang facial moles”

It lives in the soil in Inns hiking reported classifieds of the real estate agent, I went looking aimlessly in life magazine. He was hired after the auction company won a licensed realtor to handle the main task was to pour goods into the foreign exchange crisis.

Construction and operation of direct and indirect practical experience There is a lack of confidence, but the theory had devour the property rights of hundreds of books. At this time, it was the stock of books in the bookstore to buy a book on the auction to buy a 20 degree shielded from the eyes clue that led to today's circular specifies the path of a full-time investor.

Tax officials utilizing the experience in real estate auction in the designated circle the Guru was absorbed in one single day without a break for two years and six months. We also went through the ad to attract individual customers. Multifamily Housing fee does not others, but a little generic house, Building a pub sandwiched, Pick only the lien or superficies of real estate, including a high degree of difficulty auction set things began to have fun. Redevelopment, It has extended the zone to a reconstruction.

Thus the 8.3 billion won in cash and 13 apartments were in the hands halttaeneun retirement in 2000. Itgetda've also earned money by that time the stock market is booming Goodmorning Securities(County Goodmorning Shinhan Securities)To 800 million won, 400 million won in Dongyang Securities, It was deposited 3 billion in Leading Investment Securities Commission and the Investment. But the principal was reduced to a 1.5 billion won 1.1 billion won after two years. Far from it shot a 400 million won smoking assets French.

“I was so angry. Lena wants to do me the money Stock mwogilrae will benefit greatly because the idea is to do something directly in January 2004 in the way of a full-time investor. The darkness seemed easier front did you film haeboryeo”

I usually grab a book one must be sure to check the author's name at the top of the back cover with the designated circular extraordinary reading habits enough to be released weaving began to devour books on stocks again. Although the equity-related books read through the 500 passports that did not have the Spirit applies the theory only and combat trafficking.

Only blue chips knew that the plane was on the SEC's "All In" I have never seen a big loss. Just fails to specify circular think the instruments and painfully discarded the Value Analysis practice at the time the related sale of Samsung Electronics.

“This is 1 million won, Samsung Electronics went from around 2004 is when you start a full-time investment, 120This took ten thousand won went with the wind, Securities also price-earnings ratio(PER) Saying the undervalued issued a number of reports every day. It was believed the number of 500,000 to 60 million won has been added to the credit amount, and repeat several times a crackin. But in the end share price hit soon be dubak from 390,000 won to 410,000 won trafficking being the opposite securities nalryeotjyo billion won”

Do not give up and analyze a chart hung on further study, including memorizing Co. As new marketing techniques related books daldal. Pop up the snow, soaring range of research and temaju started earning a little money from early 2006.

But in October 2006. Given the primary diagnosis was lung cancer fell pyeongsangsim is broken and swollen algeoji owe poured into jeonjaesan the option to invest in a casino and anger.

“Shares Value, supply, Psychology, etc. The three components are key. At the time I am experiencing a great failure equity investment marketing technique is also not a fundamental eventually heart(trial)I realized that the left and right. 2008Deoni recover all the losses to the end of the year to go to the hospital when I heard entering the ballast he has been diagnosed deogunyo doctor surprised. The first symptoms of lung cancer dropped a life in hell I'm lost without leaving a trace disappeared”

◆ “CO is supply and psychological”

Earnest in the circular specifies no one should ever investment scheme in 2004 entered the intensive stocks accumulated wealth of the region is now between the mainstream and the mainstream sangseungjang pokrakjang yieojyeotdeon 2007 and 2008, just two years. Before that, but also the experience of cans account can not keep them earn billions four times matbwatda.

The secret to successful investing is circular specifies a sensational eyes intensive and massive dokseoryang read receipt. How does that anticipated the rise of the stock not only by supply and demand fundamentals and analyze the value of the company and decided to invest?

“Stock introductory initially was mainly a marketing danta. Reports events related to the transactions reported when have had an interest. But the stock is supply and demand. It is to read the sentiment and the strength of those who want to buy and who you want to sell soon yijiyo success shortcuts of the investment,. Point out that the region represents a thorough obtained through technical analysis”

Specify the first round of six factors that determine the flow of the stock price, time, Trading volume, movement, stoppage, Do not understand the speed is seukael buffer or day traders, Swing investments, Which emphasizes long mothandago anyone not in the winner's location, such as long-term investors.

“Proceed rapidly than the usual rate of acceleration, and it must respond to hang when Split Sale. It came the hang is because it means the energy is exhausted”

The key he says just "buying climax’ The period. When you begin to repeated fluctuations in share prices and rising chusedae one day very strongly exceeded the rise chusedae top and steep rises were in progress with the existing upward trend, This section is called the peak buying period.

“Observe the number of peak period starts from the moment that broke the pole eumbong chusedae popped the top on volume typically last until the middle I calculate the value of the body comes eumbong, 5Lowest in trading 50% I realized that I have more revenue”
The circular specifies that analysis indicators utilized regarded as important life is just "Bollinger Bands"(Bollinger bands)And 'RSI'(Relative Strength Index)to be. Because it is absolutely necessary to make a number of sections which can all be selling any entry. Bollinger bands is a channel indicator designed to determine the price movements within a band.

“Technique that I use is my own skills learned while experiencing a lot of trial and error. Eventually private investors also have to create a chance of their own strategies and techniques. Winning out why creating your own trading conditions have put the profits go only higher probability interval instead of always entering in all sectors is to fight”

2006Under the October primary diagnosis of lung cancer circular specifies that you want to give up the life poured off the wealth of collected billions difficult jump in real estate auctions Choice casino and gift yangmaedo Manda become jjotgi is beholden to loan shark year.

“I never have to lose your soul in the words of the doctors that the cancer screening gotta be more than is found in the lungs. I went to the hospital to pick a time geonjin cancer patients could never catch even the inspection schedule got pushed. Over the years it is possible everywhere in January. Dan sidalrimyeo tobacco smoke stressful day would have been close to 10 cuffs culprit”

It was unfair. It was more despair on the doctor that cancer survival rate is less than three years. Those rumors are sick die jinaedeon also became acquainted piercing cold. There was also a good night sleep, not to drink Leaked.

“Lives in a state of desperation, went to the casino choice also has lost 5 billion in two nights. At the time of Israel and Iran, relations with jeonjaesan walked a positive buying a put option in anger, others with a simple idea to expectation, the stock market plunged on news that can be driven up to the war situation, of course, only four principal beoryeotjyo increase as 5 billion won”

I decided to commit suicide several times and visited the river. There was no written onto the four could go to the hospital. The remaining money on hand was 4.3 million won.

As you can see, once they adhere to the stock bilbutda friend got a lot of help and began to study. The friend "could feed the water is not water, I will tell you how to eat, and also said that time was exactly one week.

“Others say it was easy, the stock market sangseungjang 2007. I just want to live at the time was the heart. Riding the tiger 'Bollinger Bands' and 'RSI', ‘MACD’ I've been watching the indicators along the booming period. Then two events changed my destiny is 'Samho development'”

Moving average convergence·Diffusion index(MACD)Is the oscillator signal indicator to find the trends of change in the relationship between long-term and short-term moving average moving average. This indicator is moved away from each other(diverge) Eventually closer again(converge)The point is to find the two MA away with the most properties.

2007February Samho development began to soar year. 2800From the original was to have a base amount of parallel trading day and off the next day's last volume is the majority shareholder from selling disclosure made 140 million won. We will successfully take advantage of the peak number of techniques strategy. The shares also got a lesson that must be desperate to succeed.

“The uproar was in the hospital. Friends also did motivate me to hospital quickly. But there was no time to be idle. The most desperate time was. Loan shark were threatening to cut if you're going to repay the debt feet, The financial sector was the haedaet 100-200 through close debt collectors call it a day.

2006Years without the support of my appearance was devoted to 50 billion won Dun million in just three months to January 2007, from November's hard to believe just like a dream. To recover it would have taken two years”

◆ adhere to wait for short selling

2007October circular specifies the March upturn trend to geodun the results of the in-kind investment trend would be unbelievable 2008 downturn, the stock lending and borrowing transactions(Short Selling)Use the bear is more fruitful than the revenue the meantime had punished.

2007Year round fun to specify the Samho development without hesitation to the end of June, as the chart behind the Kumho Industry embarked on the so-called "molppang '. Confidence was also filled because of supply and demand analysis of stocks after buying it not only synching not have exactly the right stocks rise when the board did not have.

At the time of Kumho Industrial Co. it was buying 17 billion won to 47,000 won. Insufficient even pour all their money into the development of Samho was "betting pool" to mobilize credit and debt.

“Naza buy Kumho Industrial Co. has started slipping three days consecutive weeks. The securities have a credit deposit unless the loss would go into opposition sale'd start dropping threatened. Chunyang wrote to Karl frustrating it was like the heart. But the release of this fifth day I started little by little miraculous climb. 4The $ stocks could chaenggil to 10,015 billion won in the sport skyrocketed to 70,000 won in only two weeks”

Then this is the Namhae Chemical. The sale to the final volume in the short term it copies of the same year in mid-October 9500 won the 18,000 won, except for the principal and earned 2.5 billion won. But it was half success. Wish wrote four and went neuleoman full full. Once you repay only the principal interest were frozen.

“Opportunity has come back. I've seen the domestic stock market in the pessimistic November 2007. I did think maybe itgetda may collapse any. So I started to study the short-selling of investments most useful techniques downturn trend”

He reported that the Kospi could break 3 1350 2008 wolkke leaned his hand on the stock lending. Stock lending is back to sell his shares borrowed to repay back the borrowed shares at a certain period of time to pay off agency bought the shares back at a lower price than the sale price later utilize this marketing technique. Law then hagieneun individuals who are mainly foreign-related information or use the book is when you lack even without the jaw.

But throughout 2008 the stock market had walked downhill in October caused the stock price plunged an unprecedented crisis with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy crisis with global financial crisis.

“Then I think who earn the most money throughout all my life.. In the old account haeteunikkayo ten million won can begin to generate revenue of more than 100 million won a day. Party aimed to recover two years of hard work gileotjiman as 20 years have been the instrument must realize that compensation is due”

Short selling is immediate restrictive measures in major countries including Korea, as recognized in the share price of the culprit fueling taken the plunge now being banned.

“I know that I'm not forced to do short sales, but will not be released someday. Hedges and foreign investors to invest in domestic stocks(Hedge) Because it means we strongly request ot short selling is required. Then prepare to continue to increase the cash reserve ratio”

◆ “Opportunity comes to those who strive to”

Based circular specifies that the owner of the talented tight pitting, unlike other super ants in his dokseoryang. I read a book of 3000 passports for the past 10 years, Teumteumhi only note the amount you wrote in 6000 amounted to 16 pages for arthropods do not forget the important part. It only writes to the end of chapter replay the investment situation of the day, organize a marketing journal is one of his major work.

Circular specifies not sleep. His sleep was at most four hours a day. This book does not leave in the hands overnight. When reporters visited the home circle is designated 'Director(Reese), There was too busy to read the mind of the whole world, managers'. Internet is a book written by a new generation of Chinese history, storytellers car Sung was born in China's history of lighting the prime minister 'director' of the First Qin Emperor who ruled the whole world stand.

He only stocks books to be excluded from the only fiction novel reading list in order not to lose the sense of reality as well as Caigentan, History books, The uptake of books of various genres, including religious books. In particular, the Bible and the Koran in order to maintain confidence in the pyeongsangsim most important Co. board, Read Buddhist scriptures, including repeated more than a dozen times.

“I really like the phrase "just sleep sleep sleep dreaming, win achieving your dream '. Dream dream dream sleep, but there is hope with mere dreams of days on the market. In order to achieve that dream, you have to ask yourself whether jadap some effort.”

Circular specify 9:00 am to 10:00 pm starting sheets, 2:00 pm just before the end of Chapter emitter 2:00 to aim for 50 minutes twice a day in front of the computer time only sale. Without hesitation if the reasonable standards found in his sport and judge in one second, 1And the number of seconds, For the rest of one second will verify and rest is "3 seconds seungbusa’ Temperament is the result of these efforts,.

“I can not possibly understand the institutional securities firm employee. As customers take the money of hundreds of billions billion from operations it will do what is the basis. I studied hard, reading a book and could not meet the employee to seek such securities”

One of the important events of the last round will open specify the investment seminar targeted at their members in his hometown cafe in Gangwon. With full-time investors flock from all over the country are fulfilling the lectures every day ten thousand won cases.

Some Group members are also protesting the email saying, "Now I do a teacher to learn the techniques and start posting your investment profits you disclose what about '. However, the circular specified is almost fully disclose their know-how with. It says that in order to practice sharing. However, 2% is the area of ​​the secret. That is the area that can not be explained in words or print.

“2011The ability to grow talent management company about a year and "Turtle Group"(Turtles Group)The plan to create. Will be operational, not only the personal assets entrusted trafficking. I think the opening lecture in the province epic journey to pick a comrade has to do with a lot of investment”

Turtle groups or cognitive abilities are innate sense of equity trading place if learning acquired through education is said to be derived from the debates continue for a long time. 1984In the US, Richard Dennis(Richard Dennis)We want to recruit people to become a sales price for these shares eotneunde a success after teaching himself the principles of marketing these "Turtle(Turtles)He called the group ".

Let's ask for advice to individual investors short the dream of Super Ants have left circular specifies told to abandon greed and trying to study as.

“I attend to ride a Mercedes. I once per big car accident almost scrapped even though the level I was fine.. So that the car is good, I top that borders the luxury. But I was young my lectures have asked itneunyago to earn enough money himself riding a Benz in the short term by techniques such as low. Then I said,. It means that I can be up there because the location was far enough to study, read many books decided to commit suicide several times bwatgi off the cliff”

Construction company boss from tax officials, Professional real estate agent auction, And his life from errant sticks weigh the stock is truly diverse. What do you do there after stocks and sipeunya circular specifying the questions without hesitation himself said that only out of 'stock'.

“If I have a home birth to a son she will teach Co. and the golf from the age of four. Stocks because capitalism flowers and moving key drivers for business and society. Wo also a shortcut to go live in a free man, not a slave. In addition, we will also know if you do not know the financial world”

He stressed that they want to give delivered a message of warning that disclose their current income and may succeed if you do not fail for the reason to write sueokwon the meeting of the Internet Group members are thoroughly prepared as saying give up hope for the many ants live a miserable life did.
I've been posting good content close to the original text can be found at the Korea Economic Daily.
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