Iframe using JavaScript url changes

Page recalled as a child, the frame is not exposed to the normal screen

When the contents of a specific page, click on the frame to look the kids bring to the screen.

    <script language=”javascript”>
function changeIframeUrl(“url)

    document.frames[‘change_p’].location.href = url;
    document.getElementById(“boot_reading”).style.display = “block”;

<a href=”javascript:changeIframeUrl(‘https://my.blogkor.com’)”>Click</a>
 <!– Start writing content output –>
<div id=”boot_reading” class=”boot_reading” style=”display:none;”>
<iframe src=” id=”change_p” name=”change_p” width=”610″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no” frameborder =”0″ marginwidth=”0″></iframe>
<!– Article content output shutdown –>

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