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Store'll have heard many stories of monthly sales from 200 million to 1 billion.

By operating an Internet shopping mall that lies Is not this a month sales of more than 1 billion? At least once, and I will try the suspected machete.

But those around us, this is quite a lot.


Years, while the open Web sites in the meantime, the company has developed a number of shopping malls, home and web programming.

Then I often encounter the mall doeneundeyo you more than one billion monthly sales.

Mall that February sales over 10 billion, is one of the companies.

Of course, employees are also at least 10 people doeguyo, And look at the commonalities of these malls boss is very little that is also being meticulously salpinda.

Of course, as would start a mall gyesil the boss does meticulously chaenggiji? But the boss who already pay a huge sales Where are you different different .. ^^


So what happens if you create a monthly sales Store 1000000000?

Numerous shopping malls throughout the day, it made disappears. If you think the mall is the most important advertising, Publicity.

Many boss used to prepare the mall a lot of money on shopping sites in hasineunge greatly mistaken and jeongjak ad, This promotion is anxious to neglect.

Advertising, PR is not at all, blog,Cafe,I do a lot of those who use the SNS, such as operating a shopping mall, These people are passionate to create a shopping site by editing and shooting formulated product to product registration. And it will not open, but sales rise. Hold the end dwitgol than cheoda only handudal mall visitors to this state, only heave a sigh of inventory pressure, Abandonment by the anxiety about the future.

And these are the boss if I oppose unconditionally association, who said the mall..

Of course, depending on the number of investigations before shopping the establishment and start, but as a revenue issue is better not go up thinking.

Then the mall to raise one hundred million sales operated what does he have to do…


Founded in the early days of the Internet to the mall to 600,000 won early 90s I have a lot of shopping to raise billions of monthly sales now it is different and then.

50% of at least one hundred million investment to the sales advertising, We must concentrate on promoting. This does not only advertising revenues climb that's not as chin

It must align well with the construction of shopping mall advertising.

Indeyo the most important shopping mall Main page content is sufficient to induce the customer to click on the main page must exist, The customer flow into the ad must be confirmed directly on the main page, the product of their choice.

Therefore, configure the mall to mall website billion revenue, Goods, Advertising costs to meet the three beats.

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