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ssh vi commands to edit files and folders deleted

vi 편집기 가장 많이 사용하는 명령어

vi Editor

Ssh to connect to the server, how to edit the file.

After running ssh

vi / path, and then enter the file name, type

In edit mode you enter i, or enter a change to the input mode.


These modified after the file

:w // Save

:wq // Save the edited file and exit

:wq! //Save the file being edited and exit into force (Read-only files are also available)

:q! // Exit without saving the file being edited


Deleting files from an ssh


rm / path to the file Enterprise // Deleting Files


Delete folders

rm -rf / folder name // Delete folders


Copy the folder

For example, if you try to copy / usr / src / test folder to / usr / src / abc / folder


cp -rf /usr/src/test /usr/src/abc/ 엔터


Download and unzip the file in ssh


First, specify a folder for download file. For example, if you get down to the / usr / local / src folder


cd / usr / local / src enter Enterprise


Now and download the file.


wget http://Download get file path




tar xvzf filename






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