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Let's start with the check card jaetekeu

Let's start with the check card jaetekeu

Check Card is a piece about is going to have anyone. Let's check cards from the fact that now is also used jaetekeu'm just fine .. ^^

Credit cards debit card Articles Articles in Our Lives cards are indeyo trend that is increasing day by day

medium,Many high school students who check the card with the transportation capability for adults who have a debit card as well as credit cards.


Recently itjyo use check cards according to the increasing number of benefits are increasingly diverse luggage to check for Humanity.

It's have various benefits depending on how you use your debit card drive is also just fine to use debit cards

Let's look at how that jaetekeu.

Let's start with why you use a debit card.

1. In financial management it can prevent most important reckless overspending.

In the case of debit cards jaetekeu one of the great ways you can reduce unnecessary waste component-oriented rational consumption because there is no balance in the account can not be used to control your spending and are going through the many advantages of a credit card that does not have.


2.Year-end tax-deductible benefits are more often required to settle.

If the credit card that I deduction a spinning solution that exceeds 25% of the total wages, In the case of debit cards, the more advantageous than a credit card because you can get a tax deduction of 30% of the spinning liquid.

Also often missing or annual fee to a nominal additional services. In order to do well a little bit better asset management'll all probably know what the end of the year, accounting is a big help .. ^^

Also, do check that the card is scheduled to preferential tax treatment and the use of results will be reflected in the use of debit cards and credit rating's raised credit rating..

3. You can chaenggil a CMA rate of return.

Usually debit card use, and there is little or no funds to bottoming deposits, but only trusted with the day can take advantage of the CMA account to get a return of 3.2%, Cash-Back Points to check card deposit to the CMA as well as possible to earn.

If you are using a regular bank account, think again utilize CMA bankbook..

4. Savings Bank checks going to receive benefits for higher interest rates than the control CMA.

Average deposit rate on savings bank is 4% and the deposit rate exclusives pus Lee gives a higher interest rate than CMA. As part of the savings bank debit cards are re-used because the goods are rising interest rates along with discount pus, Income tax credit ilseok Three sets of check cards.


5. The fees to withdraw money from an ATM machine available.

Check the card may only be opened with a bank account can get a few peosenteuyi Save when you buy things later take advantage of the car checked. In addition, there are many possible card at an ATM fee waiver available.

Check card method to good use

1. Use of funds Show Services

Whenever you use a debit card, saying how much the balance in the account must check the balance through the Internet banking is really inconvenient,. Because of the use Ghat check balances show services in order to reduce the inconvenience that this highly recommended.

2. eat out, Play, etc. Get a variety of discounts.

Check Discount card is fueling each card, Amusement park entrance, Restaurant Discounts, Points, etc. can be utilized to find the necessary cards to himself. shopping, oiling,food,In the movie industry, and you can get a discount up to May up to 30,000 won, Department store, The jugido it back 5% of the amount available from discount stores.

3. Public transportation discounts, Get a discount on language tests.

Basically ticket discounts of check cards are also available, When using public transportation debit card that also has a 10% discount, TOEIC, If you have to take a language test, such as TEPS, There are also benefits that discount fee of 10%.

4. Adults as well as secondary school students is also recommended to use.

Check card issuers are not fussy compared to credit cards. If only free withdrawals to the bank account type is enabled debit cards issued to students balgeum possible can be utilized for a money management.

Also, since it may be used as a transportation card, money management, as well as with road transport card functions.

What the hell is that a debit card discounts and benefits that he now uses to try now confirmed..

All in all'm doeja me to choose the most appropriate debit cards receive a discount Rich .. ^^

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