It impressed the world “Jamie Pugh” – Demi Moore's acclaimed on their homepage!!

Pizza deliveryman impressed the world “Jamie Pugh”

Demi Moore is a UK tv programs on their homepage “Britain's Got Talent” After a report by the Pew starring Jamie “A very impressive. Wow, another flies tears. Awesome” Be the articles that have become a hot topic.

One starring Jamie Pugh “Britain's Got Talent”To about 200 million won to 100,000 lbs Hanwha winner for a program to discover the talent of British targets in the program, similar to Korea's stockings in front of prizes and Queen Elizabeth It will have the opportunity to sing a song.

Jamie Pugh is “During the day, a truck driver, and in the evening to introduce ourselves as ordinary people in the 37-year-old pizza delivery Usually stage fright're told mothandago sing in front of people.
He is timid and bashful many judges you “You still shaking itjyo?” The question “Yes”He said All on the stage was shaking badly..

Jamie Pugh Musical “Les Miserables” Jangbaljang sang the song Bring him home (Please let him return home) The Haetneundeyo sang..
The song came out of the crowd Jamie Pugh had all heard his song while the audience in breathless
Jamie Pugh wife was in tears, cheering him.

The end of the song Jamie Pugh audience have spent a standing ovation, Judges “surprising”,”can not believe it”I had a reputation. Simsapyeong shed these tears are Jamie Pugh is awesome.

The Scottish Daily Coders haetneundeyo Kane and Jamie Pugh said that you do not want to receive sympathy and hid his past.
He alone loses his wife to a brain tumor on the 20 sons(13)It was the kiwot, Then he said two years now he meets the wife Donna Davis LE got the courage to overcome stage fright below.

Jamie Pugh is “Dona is the only one I do not fear. Without her I would not have come this far. She knows all my history. She knows what's to relax me. I really love her.”  He said.


Watch the video.>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = BhsV31CKQ0s

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