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Jang quarrel

Jang quarrel

Actor Jang said the hears classical music after a quarrel at the MBC Music 'The Track' broadcast on December 6.

Jang is in this day broadcasting “Recently, I regret the marriage with his wife, read a book. The Bach 'ahriohso' introduced in the book frequently heard”High-end haetneundeyo.

Jang quarrel

Following is Jang “I am really happy to hear while riding a bike at sunset. Ko and when a quarrel or upset, then one should listen to Bach Healing 'ahriohso'”He had explained.

Meanwhile, Jang unveiled unlucky childhood anecdotes and karaoke enthusiasts is the fact that in this day broadcasting.

Jang quarrel

Listen to your wife as a classic even once after the fight. ^^

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