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The low-cost start-up floats. 1,000One hundred million won to 2,000 won in sales

The article on low cost start-up.

Those who think entrepreneurship can try NOTE ^^

"The price is also looking down, Banners are also cases that can be tried but did not avail Walk. 2500Do you go to Seoul, ten thousand won Hwagokdong dispose the used market bought the furniture to give returns 1,800,000 won Dida.

The eojjina tears on the way home ... nadeonji "Three years ago, a garden in the form of a duck's meat shop opened on the pitch P tolerated gukdobyeon is folded to close the business three months ago the shop door.

○ classic premium sector

Founded initial sales of the table 20 as a day-old store is 500,000 to 600,000 won, It was not bad compared to the size.

But deoni lift sales this fall dripping rat was the second half of the day, only 100,000 won yen. Increasing the losses piled. Mr. P "Duck a lucrative items as judge, but in the end the slack yen was the biggest hit," he said. Son willingly helped the shop one has a large employment preparation.

Catering industry is also analyzed some low-end prior to the hit, but the most limited circumstances. Lee Jongho founded Catering Culture Institute said, "most of August sales of restaurants decreased 35-45%, The daily sales of more than 3,000,000 won 'hit home' also survey have dropped by up to 40 percent, "he said. The director of "lunchbox, snack bar, Low Cost taverns, With the exception of some such as delivery type is the situation bad in general "and" vegetables, raw value prices to rose I overcome the recession much rather a lot was the margin of restaurant self-employed dropped by about 10 percentage points if falling, "he explained.

Health food and leisure goods market was triumphantly riding the wellness craze even knelt on the frozen consumer sentiment. Ginseng market was growing annually by 20% of the most recent monthly sales and a 'negative growth' reduced by 10-30% compared to the previous year. A health food company official said, "But he had the first half of this franchise sales began to reverse in the second half of Xinjiang had entered a decline in department stores and hypermarkets," he would "suffer from severe heart jumped merchants looking to grow market share," confessed.

Ginseng industry 1st KGC Ginseng also initially samat the "first topped 1 trillion won this year's sales' goal, but reportedly recently abandoned a goal. Initial investment costs are much itgo a favorite sports center and health club Ido closed superimposed on oversupply to reduce depression.

○ incremental cost apseun house is propaganda

Whereas the seungbusu afloat in the recession-type item Deals Many business owners are looking to the reflection profits. The last six days 19:30 Batch house in Seoul, Myeongdong, dumpling masters'. Dinner, as is the 92 seats were full, but kkeutmul. Despite the cold weather, the party was also waiting outside the door. Representatives of the House of Sushi Menu(2500~ 3,500 won)And dumplings(3000~ 3,500 won)Most of the college students and office workers to thoroughly solve the meal was.

Gimseungtae manager of the Master who prefer to eat dumplings myeongdongjeom is affordable because of "thinner wallets 20·30Price steadily rose, "said" should have 350 to 500 guests for lunch or dinner time a few hours to visit yen, "he said. Franchise 'salary toast "is a menu and prices from 2000 to 3000 won, The main customers are 20·30For an adult. Kim Jinhui manager's salary is myeongdongjeom toast "toast is suitable for slack, but also increases the price satisfaction as cheap these days," said "sales have increased by 20% compared to last year," he said.

Olive Tteokbokki also toktokhi have fun. Yijaemyeon olive Tteokbokki strategic planning team leader, "compared to last year sold a kidney for about 13% of all stores in the standards," said "This recession snacks revenue that can replace meals easy and affordable as continued higher," he said. Prices Tteokbokki 2,500 won, Such a measly 3,000 won.

Injection of the franchise 'gimgane Seoul·The average daily turnover of 280 merchants gyeonggigwon yeogot is but 850,000 to 880,000 won last year increased by 900,000 to 950,000 won this year. Cho Jinyoung gimgane Supervisors are "economy driven trends are difficult to bunsikjeom As consumers can solve one meal at a reasonable price of about 2500-6000 won," he said. Of gimgane menu 2500-6000 is a circle line. 1Aimed at young people and furniture, Convenience store that has enhanced the meal replacement food sales also reported a downturn in the salty fun. Packed sales of Seven-Eleven last October compared to the same period last year 32.7% Neuleotgo, Onigiri(23.5%) Sandwich(20.9%) Also it sold a lot.

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