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Kim Huiseon

Kim Huiseon reversed dress dazzling legs

Actress Kim Huiseon was a splurge for luxury body to reverse Dress.

김희선은 최근 중국 상하이에서 ‘코스모폴리탄’ 화보 촬영을 했는데요 앞과 뒤가 확연히 다른 반전드레스를 입고 아찔한 각선미를 선보였습니다.

Kim Huiseon

Kim Huiseon wearing a snow-white dress, etc. This is revealed hwonhi boasted a dreamlike, yet alluring appearance naetneundeyo. Kim Huiseon that weight loss after birth, such as breastfeeding is that aroused the admiration of those looking to perfect body and I can not believe that the baby mama.

Kim Huiseon

Kim Huiseon

Kim Huiseon said in an interview conducted after the photo shoot "was understandably keen to pieces when young and now was able to control and others more look back on me," he said, "the drama met in this time of 'God' was a very pleasant experience," he said Real finished the recent drama said the.

The reversal of the pictorial dress Kim Huiseon is to meet in December Cosmopolitan.

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