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Bakkalrin sister,Kelly alleged contract murder shocks night

Bakkalrin sister, Kelly alleged contract murder shocks night

Bakkalrin night sister Kelly was a shocking news is being tried for murder for hire in the United States.
18One American ABC News “The kelly watermelon arrested for LA prosecutor murdered strangled actress Julianne Redding occurred "Two years ago(Kelly Soo Park)He said the hiring killers'”


Kelly be known I'm shocked by her sister's second foil Bakkalrin. Kelly nights in March 2008 Hollywood model Juliana Redding(Juliana Redding)He received a 16-day trial after being indicted in 2010 on charges of murder for hire.
In court prosecutors Wednesday killed Redding of the skin and clothes, Kelly and unveiled depicting a night as 'experts' found that the DNA of Kelley Park in mobile phone.

Woowe night, but Kelly is about the money remitted to your account. “Just received the same consideration”Has denied the allegations and claimed that stubbornly.
Bakkalrin night sister Kelly has been hired to take the task of the physician is Munir woowe president and real estate businessman of Lebanese origin geopbak the figures are far interfere with the business of the debtor or Wu Dawei.
Hollywood actress Juliana Redding was found to 3 pm May 16, 2008 in Santa Monica, LA Sentinel disadvantage Hyderabad byeonsache near the apartment. Prosecutors have argued that killing Reading in the House of Mario Ventura County car with the Park and the donggeonam Ronnie Wayne Case.

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