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Girl's Day bullying installation jihae withdrawal

And the Girl's Day member jihae was embroiled in bullying stand withdraw from the team.

17Wednesday morning, according to Girl's Day's agency Dream Tea Entertainment “Two euros jihae the individual falls in the inevitable team. From the album it will be released on the 26th this activity is the 4 systems”He was released.

Girl's Day's agency side “The decision is a personal side to come to jihae is contemplated for a long time. For the time being will be faithful to the academic”Neundeyo said he..

걸스데이 지해의 탈퇴 이전 인 지난 여름부터 걸스데이 내 왕따설에 휩싸였고. Wisdom is the last on July 27 via Twitter “The show's all thy mind. Note Also note goes now again”That left a meaningful say.

Girl's Day bullying installation jihae withdrawal

Also last August 5 “What makes me wish. I did enough to. Ehyu was hoping just Cho Yonghi living?”Leave was also referred to Article.

Meanwhile, 2010It debuted a Girl's Day is scheduled to comeback with "Do not forget me 'fifth digital single on the 26th.

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