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Lee Seonguk

Ref booked without detention Lee Seonguk ex-wife assault

전부인 폭행으로 경찰에 불구속 입건 된 90년대 전성기를 보낸 댄스그룹 Ref의 이성욱이 ‘쌍방폭행’ The contents of such parties is not true at all reveal the” Said it through an article containing a state of mind.

7One Lee Seonguk through his agency enjoyed homepage “We bowed our R.ef Please welcome back to the fact that many fans had you cheering you leave if his head to preach the news that the unsavory sincerely apologize”Innovation “However, both assaults reported in some media’ The contents of such party is saying is not true at all”He said.

Lee Seonguk

Following “Already known through seemed like a lot of articles, That was drunk during the process of passing the information on my personal one minute or less excited, As the situation becomes greater”He said, “Act like you are a fan pouring a misunderstanding both assault and abuse who has never had”He had reiterated.

Lee Seonguk

Finally Lee Seonguk is indeyo of busy activity comeback in eight years this time for what occurred to happen “This time will allow you to have you give back to the fans cheering look for more active and working hard preaching the word that simryeo kkichin sorry that you forward once again to the fans”He said repeatedly preached to apologize.

Meanwhile, Seoul's Gangnam Police Station said that each seed Lee Seonguk booked without detention and his former wife, aunt to the 7th assault.

Lee Seonguk is accused of assault is added to a brawl with former wife Lee and his remarriage issue at 7 am one sikke Seoul, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu own vehicle.

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