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Amy Attorney songchi imprisoned Chuncheon prison

In April, after the prosecution fell songchi Amy suddenly lost consciousness four days in a shop in Gangnam was detained in a prison in Chuncheon.

According to the Gangwon District Attorney Amy has revealed's gotta be discharged from the hospital the morning the last three days in Chuncheon yigam prison received a prosecution investigation.

Amy Attorney songchi

AMY habitual receiving propofol dosing charges after a police investigation in Gangwon Chuncheon on the 18th last month was a local prosecutor songchi.

But events show songchi four days before the 14th symptoms of acute hepatitis was admitted to hospital in the stall stopped enforcement.

According to police, it was an empty bottle of propofol found in numerous downed Amy's bag in a nail shop, Gukgwasu tests have revealed that the DNA matched the DNA taken from the empty bottle and Amy.

Police investigating Amy haetneundeyo denied the allegations that the propofol dose was less well when used as an anesthetic in the process of obtaining a simple cosmetic surgery time

Some broadcasting was introduced to interview hospital staff to verify this, Hospital officials say raised a stir that Amy can say is what kind of surgery received surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.

Meanwhile, as the Emmy Micah discharged prosecution investigation seems to win is swell.

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